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    Founded by an IT professional who worked on projects for international companies, PowerGate has a strong technical team to provide quality offshore software development services. This team consists of professionals who have had significant experience in designing, developing and managing projects, both in Vietnam and foreign destinations. We combine the best people, processes and technology to achieve customer satisfaction consistently. Meet our management team.
    About PowerGate Software

    PowerGate is best defined as youthful, ambitious, amiable and passionate. Not to mention, it inherits its qualities from its people who have a strong drive to excel, to deliver high quality work on time and bring value to clients while having fun along the way. After all, the fact is that PowerGate’s success is based on their skills and commitment.

    We always remember that it is our people who deliver what the client needs. Our expectations from our people are
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    Remaining accountable for individual as well as teamwork

    Leadership being the key essence for individual and company success

    About PowerGate Software

    Honesty and Trust
    Observing honesty and trustworthiness in every dealing within company

    Openness to innovate by questioning, disagreeing and suggesting within a disciplined environment

    Respecting opinions, sharing, collaborating ideas and information, and providing mutual support for achievement of goals.

    About PowerGate Software

    About PowerGate Software

    Sharing ideas, listening to clients and colleagues, and accept constructive criticism

    Consistently upgrading oneself to achieve excellence
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